2018 Horatio Alger Member Search

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is pleased to share that the for the first time in the Association’s seventy year history, the Horatio Alger Association will announce the first Association Member from the Horatio Alger Alumni community at the 2018 Horatio Alger Alumni Summit and Board Meeting in Washington, D.C. from October 4 to October 7.

This is a testament to the the growth, diversity, and opportunity present in the Horatio Alger Scholar community. We will be accepting peer nominations and self-nominations from Alumni directly. In its nominees, the Association seeks individuals who:

  • Demonstrate loyalty and devotion to American ideals and to the American free enterprise system;
  • Serve as role models for the youth of America, exemplifying, in particular, triumph over early adversity and outstanding professional accomplishments;
  • Dedicate themselves as leaders in their communities and demonstrate a commitment to excellence and initiative;
  • Show a strong commitment to assisting those less fortunate than themselves;
  • Believe in and support the goals of the Horatio Alger Association;
  • Represent a wide range of professions

Additional information concerning the selection of this individual will be made available in January 2018.

2018 Horatio Alger Scholarship: Now Open!

Do you know a young person who might be a good candidate for the Horatio Alger Scholarship?

We would like to give our Alumni the opportunity to donate back to the Association by promoting the 2018 Horatio Alger Scholarship to high school seniors in your area. The application is now open and will remain active until October 25th. You may choose to promote the scholarship programs independently or connect with a nearby Field Director.

To get started, sign into your Scholar account at https://archive-scholars.horatioalger.org/. Your username is your email. If you have forgotten your password, please click the “forgot my password” link when accessing the login page. This is also how we will track your involvement.

2018 Washington Achievement Grant: Opening Soon!

The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation has generously provided grant funding for Horatio Alger National, State, and Canadian Scholars who would like to pursue a graduate level education and who have shown evidence of strong leadership skills. Dennis R. Washington Achievement Scholars can be characterized as combining academic ability and leadership potential in order to be change agents in their fields and in their careers and communities. Scholars who are already enrolled in graduate programs or who plan to begin their graduate studies by the fall of 2018 are encouraged to apply.

Applicants who combine academic ability and leadership potential will be considered for master’s, professional, or doctoral programs in the following areas:

  • business-related studies;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • engineering;
  • medical (MD or DO);
  • teaching; and
  • applied sciences, including technology, research and development.
The graduate grant program will award up to $120,000 to deserving Horatio Alger Scholar Alumni who are working toward a postgraduate degree.  Funds are awarded primarily to cover tuition and fees, however, funds may also be used to off-set living expenses.

The online application and additional selection criteria for the program are available from September 15 – November 15, 2017.

Should you have any questions, please contact Educational Programs Administrator, Enrique Ramirez, at [email protected]. Visit http://application.horatioalger.org/ to begin your application on September 15!