Welcome to the Horatio Alger Mentoring Marketplace. Here you will find the profiles of Horatio Alger Alumni who have indicated that they are interested in mentoring undergraduate Horatio Alger Scholars. Horatio Alger Alumni Mentors are Horatio Alger Scholars who have graduated from college and are now employed across the country and the world! They have been in your shoes are eager to connect with you and be a resource to you throughout your college years. You may narrow down your search of mentors by selecting a specific state, university, industry, and most importantly, the type of mentoring you are seeking.

Thinking about becoming a Mentee? Please read the descriptions of the two different kinds of Mentors (situational and committed) and the roles of Mentors and Mentees. If you would like to join this Scholar-Alumni Community and communicate with your own personal Mentor, please view the mentoring profiles within the Mentoring Marketplace and click the “Connect” link located beneath the photo of the Mentor you choose. You will then be able to write an email to him or her and initiate your Horatio Alger mentoring relationship!

Current Mentees who already have Mentors: For your convenience and ease, we have removed the Mentoring Mail System so you may contact one another directly through your personal emails. Remember, if you have not yet contacted a Mentor, you may initiate that contact by clicking “Connect” beneath the profile of your chosen Mentor.

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