Legal: Terms of Use

As discussed below, and provided proper permission is obtained, The Horatio Alger Association is pleased to have our materials used in publications and settings that share the Association’s goals of advocating opportunities for young people overcoming adversity. The Association is the copyright owner of all materials on the web site and oversees its copyrights with regard to any reproduction, display and other rights granted pursuant to the Copyright Act of 1976.

The Association does allow the linking of our web site to other web sites that contain a similar orientation and materials. No permission is required to link to our main web site of

Due to confidentiality regulations, the Association is unable to grant permission for use of photographs or biographies on the web site. Furthermore, the Association is not permitted to provide contact information, or forward correspondence, for any Association Members or Scholars. Any such requests will not receive a response.

Requests for permission to reprint any other materials in part or whole (other than for the photos and biographies described above, for which no permission will be granted) must be submitted in writing to the Horatio Alger Association, 99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 320, Alexandria, VA 22314 or faxed to (703) 548-3822. Please include a copy of the materials you propose to use as well as a detailed explanation of where and for what purpose the materials will be used. Please provide contact information, including name, phone number, fax number, and email. Please allow for up to four weeks for a reply.

The Association reserves the right to not allow permission for use of materials on the web site if such use is deemed to be inconsistent with the mission and goals of the Association.

For more information, please contact the Horatio Alger Association at [email protected].